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Cure King has been a designer and manufacturer of high quality Tire Curing Bladders and Tire Building Machine Bladders for almost 40 years. Cure King products are proven and used in tire factories in more than twenty countries worldwide. We are also pleased to be recognized as one of the leaders in bladder technology for 21st Century tire manufacturing.

Cure King utilizes a new and innovative process in conjunction with specially engineered and patented Rubber Injection equipment with Flexible Molding Technology. This technology produces bladders with precise dimensional control and unmatched inflated uniformity.

Cure King bladders are individually engineered to match our customer's specific tire curing applications. As a result, our bladders achieve consistent operating performance and maximum service life. Cure King also provides the capability to upgrade existing bladders to meet the latest tire geometry and designs.

​Quality products should be backed with reliable support, which is why Cure King provides prompt and complete expert technical support services for bladder applications, tire curing problems, and tire plant cost reduction programs.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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